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The Lane Separator range consists of a trio of versatile recycled rubber products for the separation of vehicles and bicycles, either continuously, in intermittent configurations, or manufactured to fit a radius. Features & Benefits. No excavation required – surface fixed and bolted. Fast installation. Removable and relocatable.

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These flexible delineators are ideal for any application where high performance and durability are essential, changes in road alignment, including exit lane delineation, centerline traffic separation or urban turn limitations. You can also use our flexible delineators on grass areas like parking lots at sports arenas and golf courses. These flexible traffic markers help keep

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Lane Separator. Single-Piece Lane Separator. Lane separator. Lane Separator System [Recovery Post] Lane Separator System [Recovery Panel] Lane Separator [SpringBack Panel] Chain Separator Curb. Lane Separator With Flexible Post. Lane Rumble Curb.

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Lane separator is designed for traffic control of highway, crossroad, toll station, etc. Roadsky Traffic Safety can manufacture road divider in different materials such as plastic and rubber. Different colors are availablesuch as red, white, red and yellow. For high visible effect, reflective film can also be added to the flag.

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Post material: Polyethylene, 2.25" diameter. Base material: Polycarbonate, 7" diameter. Hinge material: Natural rubber. Use Epoxy to secure to surface. Sold in a Box of 10 Posts. More Delineators. You May Also Like. Butyl Pads. $85.75.

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Our raised rumble strips are ideal to delineate gores, bike and pedestrian lanes, and road shoulders to help prevent lane departures and run-off-the-road accidents. Our raised rumble strips feature solid uni-body construction which eliminates any hollow areas that can crack or crush when impacted.